Grabbing Fast Food On-the-Go Is Not Always the Best Choice

It is easy to grab some fast food when you are on the go, but it is not always a healthy choice. To keep from zipping through the drive through lane, it is good to have an eating strategy for those busy days. Try to eat before you leave your home or office. Keep some healthy snacks in your bag or car. You can grab some fruit, granola, or whole grain crackers before heading out. Be sure to always bring some water with you when you are on the go, as sometimes you are more thirsty than hungry and can wait to eat as long as you get enough to drink. Finally, if you really love fast food, plan to hit one of these types of restaurants once or twice a month as a treat. If you have a visit planned, and commit to only going on those days, you'll have more resolve to avoid them the rest of the month.

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