Do Not Allow Your Car to Be an Inconvenience: Check Out These Simple Tips

Most people will agree that jump-starting their car is an inconvenience. But many people don’t know that it can also be dangerous. October has been designated as Auto Battery Safety Month by Prevent Blindness America. We should all be aware of how to safely jump-start our car’s battery. Keep these tips in mind when getting your vehicle back on the road. 

- Use only the type of battery recommended for your car. 
- Always use eye protection when jump-starting any vehicle. 
- Never smoke when working on or near a battery. 
- Make sure your jumper cables are in good working condition. 
- Dispose of your old battery properly. 
- Always call a professional, such as a mechanic or AAA, if you think there might be trouble you can’t handle, or you can’t remember how to jump-start your vehicle.

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